YAGE - Desk Lamp YG-T031

Brand : YAGE


Product Characteristics:

  • Adjustable, flexible and durable soft metal gooseneck allows to adjust the lamp with ease and optimize your light source by direct the light to wherever you want.
  • Build-in polymer lithium battery rated capacity to the highest point at 2400mAh.
  • Super durable battery,can recycle use to more than 500 times.
  • With 23pieces long life、high brightness and energy saving LED.
  • Touch the Switch touch pointto turn on/off and control the brightness.

Usage Instruction:

  1. Charging: Connect the desk lamp with 5V charger, turn on the electricity,then the charging indicator light is is red and turn green after full power. Normal sufficient power needs 6-8 hours charging, the longest charging time should not exceed 15 hours.
  2. Lighting: turn the switch to the gear “Ⅰ”.
    B.1. Short press ofswitch touch point
    B.1.1 When the light is on , short press the touch point for the first time, the LED bright is warm white light.
    B.1.1.2  Short press the touch point for the second time and the LED bright is off.
    B.1.2  Long Press the Switch Touch Point
    When the light is on, longpress the touch pointto change the brightness from high to low or from low to high according to the current brightness
  3. Night light:push the switch to gear “II”,and the night light is on.
  4. Turn the switch to gear “0”, and the lighting and night light will not turn on.
  5. It can be lighted continuously for about 4 hours after fully charged,The battery is fully charged and the minilight can be used continuously for about 80 hours.


  1. When use it,please charge it enough firstly;please charge it every store three months if you don't use it.
  2. Please charge it in time when the lighting ray is becoming weak,otherwise,it would affect the battery's life.
  3. Do not expose this product to rain or moisture.

Quality Guarantee: 

Power sources are guaranteed for three months from the date of the purchase if any real quality problems occur with our products, but damages caused by incorrect operation are not included.

(Please keep receipts)

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