YAGE - Mosquito Killer Lamp YG-M104

Brand : YAGE


YAGE brand photo-catalysis mosquito killer is a new generation of high-efficiency mosquito killer series products, which is carefully researched and designed by our company. It is easy to use, novel and beautiful in design. In order to use this product better, please read the following instructions:

Product features:

  1. Function: Trap mosquitoes and flies.
  2. With 360 degree air inlet and purple light lamp, mosquitoes in any direction can be lured, with wide range and high killing efficiency.
  3. The mosquito is sucked into the storage room by the eddy current formed by the fan, then dried and dehydrated, without electric shock noise and odor emission, the air is cleaner and safer to use.


  1. Insert the USB plug of mosquito trap into the 5V/0.5A adapter and touch the power switch to turn on. When not in use, please cut off  the power supply and unplug the power cord.
    "Switch" button  : touch the switch button for the first time to turn on mosquito killer; touch the second time to turn off the mosquito killer.
  2. Place the mosquito killer at a height of 1 m from the ground, and the effect is better when there is no people near the trap.
  3. Before cleaning the mosquito storage room, pull out the power cord plug, pull out the mosquito storage room, clean it, and then insert it again.
  4. When it is used indoors, please turn on the mosquito killer a few hours before going to bed, people leave temporarily and turn off all the indoor lighting lights. Then the mosquitoes have been removed as going to bed. If there are many indoor furniture in the room, and the time of mosquito hiding is different, the time of mosquito killing may be longer.
  5. When it is used in the office, business place or field, the mosquito killer can be opened in the early evening.
  6. Do not turn off the trap or unplug the power supply immediately after catching mosquitoes. Let the fan continue to operate until the mosquitoes are dehydrated to dead.
  7. When catching and killing flies, put candy and other attractants in the storage room, use light and smell to trap and inhale air to kill them.


  1. When cleaning the mosquito storage room, unplug the power plug first, and do not operate with electricity.
  2. Do not put your hand into the machine or move the mosquito killer when the product is working, so as to avoid the fan scratching your fingers or other accidents happened.
  3. Do not use in places with strong ultraviolet and strong light.
  4. Do not use it outdoors when it rains to avoid damaging the internal electronic components; when not in use, please put the mosquito killer in a cool and dry place.
  5. Please keep the mosquito killer out of the children's reach and do not use it as a toy for children.

Quality Guarantee:

Power sources are guaranteed for three months from the date of the purchase if any real quality problems occur with our products, but damages caused by incorrect operation are not included.

(Please keep receipts)

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