YAGE - Mosquito Killer Lamp YG-5623


Brand : YAGE


YAGE BRAND MULTI-FUNCTION PHOTOCATALYSIS MOSQUITO CATCHER is our company excogitate a new series products. It is use convenient and novelty shape. In order to easily use it for you, please read following instruction carefully before using:

Product Characteristics:

  1. Function: trap mosquitoes, kill flies, destroy bacteria, Eliminate harmful gas.
  2. It can be aired and send out ultraviolet light with 360 degress.It has a large range for catching and killing mosquito.
  3. The mosquito will be indrafted into a storeroom by a fan eddy and then be killed by air drying. No noisy, no smell. It makes more comfortable fresh air with a more safe way.
  4. It also can be used like a night light for it’s soft light and then makes a great comfortable sleeping environment.

Usage Instruction: 

  1. Please put the power plug into the socket of AC 90V~240V/50Hz~60Hz. When using, please open the power. When not using, please cut off the power and then pull out of the power plug.
  2. Put the catcher on the desk which is not lower than 1 metre, it will be better for using it when nobody there.
  3. Before clear the storeroom, please pull out the plug and contrarotate then pull down the storeroom vertically.when the dirty were cleaned ,then load it.
  4. Using indoor: please use it in a few hours before sleeping, you’d better leave in the time. The mosquito will be cleared when you’re back for sleeping.Attention: If the family has much furniture, the killing mosquito time would be longer for the hided mosquito moving slowly.
  5. Using outdoor, in office or place of business: please open it when towards evening, after a night without lighting, the mosquito would be almost cleared.
  6. Do not cut off the power immediately after catching the mosquito. Let the fan keep running fast until the mosquito died by air drying.
  7. Advice: it will be better if putting some sweet or attractant goods in the storeroom and then kill the mosquito by the light, smell and the air eddy indraft.


  1. Cut off the power and put off the power plug before cleaning the storeroom. It’s forbidden for use with electricity.
  2. Do not put your finger into the trap or remove it when it’s working, or it will hurt your finger by the fan or happen to have other accident.
  3. Do not use it under the strong lighting or ultraviolet rays.
  4. Do not use it under raining, or it will influence the electronic component inside. Please put it under cool dry place when not using.
  5. Please put it on the place where the child will not catch.; Do not let child play it as a toy.

Quality Guarantee:

Power sources are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of the purchase if any real quality problems occur with our products, but damages caused by incorrect operation are not included.

(Please keep receipts)

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