YAGE - LED Emergency Lamp YG-YW04 Emergency function.

Brand : YAGE


Product Characteristics:

  1. Emergency function.
  2. Battery Capacity: 3000mAH.
  3. Super durable battery ,can recycle use to more than 500 times.
  4. Side lamp :With 48pcs long life、high brightness and energy saving LED.
  5. Head lamp: one 3W high-power, long-life, ultra-high brightness and energy-saving LED is adopted

Usage Instruction:

  1. Charging: 
    - After connecting the USB power cord with the product, insert the other end of the USB into the 5V / 1A charger for charging, and the corresponding charging indicator light is on. It takes 4-6 hours to fully charge normally; When charging, the indicator light is red and the full charge indicator light is green.

  2. Lighting:
    Touch the button for the first time: the headlights are on; Press the button for the second time: the front lamp is off and the side lamp is 100% brightness; Touch the button for the third time: 40% brightness of side lamp; Press the button for the fourth time: the side light is off;
    The above process cycles.

  3. Emergency function:
    Fully charged, the headlamp can discharge continuously for about 6 hours; The maximum brightness of the side lamp can be discharged continuously for about 2 hours; 40% brightness of side lamp can discharge continuously for about 5.5 hours


  1. Suggest to charge it before first time use;if not use often, please charge every three months to protect the battery.
  2. Please charge it in time when the lighting ray is becoming weak, otherwise, it would affect the battery's life.
  3. Do not expose this product to rain or moisture.
  4. Please keep the light away from flammable and explosive.
  5. Please Do not charging the product more than 24 hours,  and cut off power supply immediately if any expectation happened. Please  turn off the product while charging to prevent electric shock.
  6. Please install and use it properly according to manual, Do not arbitrarily modify lamps and replace parts.

Quality Guarantee: 

Power sources are guaranteed for three months from the date of the purchase if any real quality problems occur with our products, but damages caused by incorrect operation are not included.

(Please keep receipts)

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